FAQ - sanitization tunnel

1. How much time does a person need in the tunnel and therefore how many people can one tunnel cater to in a given time:
- Ideally 1 FOR 5 Seconds.

2. A tunnel can accommodate up to 3 people at one point of time.

3. The disinfectants mentioned appear to be surface cleaning agents, what are the certifications / standards:
- It is a precautionary measure, the idea is that a person is wearing a mask but any infection agents on clothes or hair is sanitized. NABL certificate attached.

4. How much disinfectant is used per person:
- 200 ml atomized spray.

5. What is source and cost of the disinfectant:
- We can supply it 10mL to be used in a 1 litre tank is costing / Rs.500/ Ltr.

6. Sensors control the spray, facilitates movement of visitors with indication lights at the entry point, tracks visitors with thermal imaging feed, raises alarm for high temperature, raises alarm for refilling of disinfectant.

7. Is this SS or MS – do we have options and what is price impact: It is MS(MILD STEEL) &SS (Stainless Steel) Both Versions are available. Our Suggestion prefer SS instead MS though Costly than MS but Finishing will be Mind Blowing.